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RTB (Real Time Bidding), projected to do $4 BILLION dollars this year, is the biggest industry nobody has heard of.  Well, not quite nobody.  Only 4 out of every 1,000 companies are currently using a RTB campaign to increase Customer Conversions.  That number is growing significantly.  RTB is the fast growing segment in Digital Advertising and is projected to be at the $20 BILLION mark by 2017.  If you don’t use RTB technologies soon, your competitors certainly will.  And with the amazing power of RTB, you will be behind the 8 Ball and desperately trying to catch up .


RTB has a myriad of ways to acquire customers, including Site Targeting (people currently viewing a particular site),  Contextual Targeting (people currently viewing related subjects), Audience Targeting (extremely targeted segments, e.g.  a married woman in her 40s who drives a BMW, loves frozen yogurt , and reads Vogue), and GEO Targeting (able to target everybody in the world down to the zip code level).   NEVER have companies been able to so easily and cost efficiently reach their target audience…..But by far , the backbone of the technology is Re-targeting.   Have you ever visited a website (say , maybe Toyota) , and wherever you go around the Internet , a Toyota banner ad follows you around?  That’s Re-targeting.  You can own and control customers who left your website and can bring them back for phenomenally low rates.


Never before in the history of the Internet have companies been able to effortlessly recapture their customers for pennies on the dollar.  


Precise targeting is a hallmark of RTB.  Are you a plastic surgeon in Palm Beach, FL who wants to selectively and efficiently target certain women, living in certain zip codes, who are actively viewing highly related websites?  No problem. 


RTB is all about Data & Testing, and RTB International is the premier company in our industry in formulating and tweaking a campaign that will efficiently Capture, Re-Capture, and Convert Profitable Sales Leads.


Driving Sales Leads to your website is only half of the battle.  Converting them into Profits is the end-game.  At RTB International, we are experts at the entire conversion funnel- value proposition evaluation, rival analysis, micro-site generation, lead capture, email messaging, mobile, video, and everything involved in continually increasing your Return on Investment.

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Over the many months that I have been working with RTB International, they have literally DOUBLED my business by employing their amazing targeting and re-targeting features. I am so much more visible to my customer base. Instead of sitting passively waiting for prospective customers to discover us, RTB International has made it possible for us to go directly to and engage with them in a way that our competition can only dream about. They say that RTB is the most powerful force in marketing history, and I wholeheartedly agree. RTB International is the best in the business. A stunningly powerful RTB Platform, superior customer service and a dedication to making my ROI as high as it can be. They definitely walk the walk and have transformed our businesses. I'd give them 3 thumbs up if I had another hand.
David Cruz